Ask The JamFam: What's Your Biggest Streaming Discovery?

Ask The JamFam: What's Your Biggest Streaming Discovery?


We all need streaming picks right now. Our writers have a few ideas.

Welcome to Ask the JamFam, where we ask expert culture writers, seasoned couch-sitters, and members of the JamFam the most pressing chilling-adjacent questions on our mind.

We all need under-the-radar picks for what to stream during quarantine, and our JamFam contributors are here to provide their well-designed intel. So what did our writers find?

Vikram Murthi: BLOODY NOSE, EMPTY POCKETS (2020), which is now playing in virtual cinemas.

Brianna Holt: Banoffee's Look At Us Now Dad

Alphonse Pierre: Infinity Train

Larry Fitzmaurice: Floor is Lava

Dayna Evans: I'm obsessed with the Zac Efron show because he's so beautiful and so dumb, the perfect combination for mindless television. This tweet sums it up perfectly:

Winston Cook-Wilson: I'm No Longer Here, a Mexican movie on Netflix

Corban Goble: Lol...

here it is ....


Joanna Rothkopf: What We Do in the Shadows (the FX show). I would f*ck Natasia and/or Kayvan.

Otis Blum: HBOmax has the entire Studio Ghibli archive. I had never seen any of them before, so I have been going through them all. Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and The Wind Rises have been my favorites, but they are all fantastic. Each movie is a world unto itself, which is especially nice given we can't travel anywhere at the moment.

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