Ask the JamFam: What item of clothing have you worn most during quarantine?

Ask the JamFam: What item of clothing have you worn most during quarantine?


It's inevitable—we are wearing the same stuff over and over. But what's the best go-to outfit?

Welcome to Ask the JamFam, where we ask expert culture writers, seasoned couch-sitters, and members of the JamFam the most pressing chilling-adjacent questions on our mind. Today, we're talking about the garments that are doing the heavy lifting during quarantine. Honesty abounds!

Vikram Murthi: Crappy, tattered blue shorts that I've owned for the better part of a decade

Brianna Holt: Oversized T-shirts and female boxer shorts

Alphonse Pierre: champion basketball shorts

Larry Fitzmaurice: Lil Peep sweatshirt

Dayna Evans: My Birkenstocks—I now have an indoor pair and an outdoor pair, which I was brutally mocked for by my supposedly loving family. But you gotta stay clean!

Winston Cook-Wilson: my Online Cermanics Grateful Dead tee...

Corban Goble: Patagonia baggies or John Elliott hoops shorts

Joanna Rothkopf: My good Entireworld sweatpants that I have in grey and black (the fun colors have always been sold out)

Otis Blum: Have become a socks inside the house guy. Dunno why.

Hunter Harris: I really dislike denim shorts. I'm very particular about the denim I wear anyway (this is a long story, but I refused to wear jeans for like 5 years), but I generally find denim shorts to be very uncomfortable. As an alternative, I bought a pair of bike shorts from Aritzia, and a couple pairs of men's Nike shorts. They're shorter than basketball shorts, and loose but can sit high enough on my waist. I consider them jambys for the out-of-doors. I love them. I own them in three colors.

Paul Hinkes: My hair is way too long now so I've taken to wearing a lot of headbands. Hey, when can I get a Jamby band???

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