Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash and care for my Jambys?

Care instructions: cold wash, dry on low heat. For bonus points, make sure the Jambys aren't inside out before placing in the laundry to avoid other garments catching on the French Terry loops inside.

Where are Jambys made?

Jambys are made in China and designed in Brooklyn and Scotland.

Can I return my Jambys?

You can't currently feel things on the internet (probably for the best), so we make it as easy as possible to try Jambys, so you can see for yourself what all those reviews are talking about.

Your order has a 77 day, no-questions-asked guarantee. We also offer free return shipping. If you're worried about how this impacts the stress levels of our accountant, you can rest assured that we do not get very many returns. If you order multiple of the same products (i.e. 3 Long Jambys), we humbly request that you only open the first one until you're sure that they are the right fit. This allows us to minimize waste where we can.

So go ahead. Spend 11 Sundays hanging out all day in ‘em. Spend 11 Mondays throwing them on after work. Spend 11 get the idea. If at any point you find your Jambys aren't for you, just use our returns portal (here) and we'll get that sorted out for you right away.

Can I exchange my Jambys?

Yes! If you need a different size or return, just check out our returns portal at this link here and we'll help you get 'em swapped out.

If you run into an issue, just shoot us an email at and we'll do our best to help you out. Our returns policy states that we can only offer exchanges on worn products in the first order, but we say that so that someone doesn't run some bizarre scam buying and returning Jambys every month. We want to make sure you love and value the Jambys you purchase!

Who started Jambys?

When our co-founder Jack was 10 years old, he had the idea for boxers with pockets — he wanted to wear boxers around the house, but you need pockets to hold stuff. Flash forward 15 or so years, and Jack connected with a friend from college, Andrew, who conveniently had recently left his job at GQ Magazine, and happened to be a relaxation enthusiast himself.

We love to make clothes that make people feel happy at home. In a world of bland gray loungewear made from cheap fabrics, and clothing actually designed for working out, we wanted to bring premium quality and innovative design to loungewear. "Work Hard, Play Hard" is so 2001. We prefer "Work Hard, Lay Hard," and we want to help you enjoy your downtime as much as possible.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to all 50 states, and our goal is to sell Jambys all over the world. If you're not in the states, email us ( so we know where to go next. And you'll be, like, the first person in that country with Jambys.

Will they come in more colors?

Absolutely. We’re gonna make so many colors, you'll come back to us asking if we can make less colors. Do you have an idea for a color or pattern? Let us know at We've had many of our best colorways come from members of the JamFam!