JamFam Q&A: Joanna Rothkopf

JamFam Q&A: Joanna Rothkopf


The two-time Emmy winning John Oliver writer reveals her group chat persona and more

Welcome to the Downtime Chilling Q&A, where talk to some of our favorite cultural writers about just about anything you can experience in your Jambys. Today we are talking with Joanna Rothkopf. Rothkopf is an NYC-based writer and staff writer for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, where she won an Emmy Award in 2019 and 2020.

What's your go-to Spotify playlist?

Feelin' Myself... sexy music to do squats to

What's the best new thing you've found streaming recently?

What We Do in the Shadows (the FX show). I would f*ck Natasia and/or Kayvan.

What's the best older show/movie you've picked up recently and loved?

Moonstruck along with everyone else in the world.

What's your favorite YouTube video that has less than 100,000 views?

This recording of an old Andy Daly podcast that I re-listen to the way some people re-watch old sitcoms:

What's your most watched movie of all time?

Possibly My Cousin Vinny, possibly Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping

What's a purchase you thought would change your life, but absolutely did not?

My stupid ass FitBit.

Is there an organization or cause you're supporting right now that deserves more attention? If so, what is it and how does one get involved?

Friends of 920 Park!! Take action page here.

You've got two hours to kill at home. What do you reach for?

My stupid PHONE, sometimes I work out to be good, sometimes I read if I am in the right spiritual place

What's been your most played song during quarantine, and why?

Girls in the Hood - Megan Thee Stallion‍

What's your favorite TikTok you've seen during quarantine?

What's been your best quarantine purchase?

My fanny pack

What's the best thing you've read during quarantine?

Lincoln in the Bardo - George Saunders

Have you developed a new hobby during quarantine? If so, what is it?

Gardening and biking, my first ever hobbies... it is thrilling.

Are you working out at home? What's your go-to home quarantine workout strategy?

I do Charlee Atkins's LeSweat workouts 4-5x a week... I am obsessed with them and her

What's the item of clothing (besides Jambys, of course), you've worn most during quarantine?

My good Entireworld sweatpants that I have in grey and black (the fun colors have always been sold out)

What's your most-frequently made recipe?

I've "faux-tisseried" a whole chicken three times and really loved, other than that I am no cook so perhaps a smoothie

What's the title of the Spotify playlist you're most ashamed of other people seeing you listen to?

Today's Top Hits, Calming Music for Cats

What's the book you recommend over and over?

Say Nothing - Patrick Radden Keefe

You can re-watch one show for the first time again fresh. What is it and why?

What We Do in the Shadows because I just watched it and it was very fun, or The Sopranos to have my world freaking rocked, or Devs because that felt good and suspenseful.

What do you drink when you're at home most often? (Can be alcoholic, non-alcoholic, or even vessel-specific, if you drink water out of the same massive cup or something)

I drink water out of my giant Ball WIDE MOUTH 800 ml mason jar that I originally got full of pickled eggs

What's your average screen time during quarantine? What app have you used the most, and why?

3 hr a day? Instagram to look at women with hot muscular bods

What's your recommendation for someone who always re-watches the Office and wants to try something new?

How about you try Veep or The Comeback.

What movie has aged the worst for you?

Love Actually :\

What's your personality in your main groupchat?

the stupid CLOWN i hate myself

What's your dream Jambys product?

maybe a cute sweatshirt

What's the high school English book you think is actually worth re-reading?

Invisible Man - Ralph Ellison, Shakespeare (ever heard of him)

What's your dream Jambys color?

like a soft yellow

Add / answer your own question. What's something else you're thinking about or engaging with?

I am trying to start composting for the environment and also because I am attempting to become a domestic goddess with a thriving garden

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