JamFam Q&A: Brianna Holt

JamFam Q&A: Brianna Holt


The Brooklyn-based writer reveals her quarantine go-tos

Brianna Holt is a native Texan writer and model now based in Brooklyn, NY. Brianna has contributed writing to The New York Times, Complex and many other publications. You can follow Brianna on Instagram here.

What's your go-to Spotify playlist?

Rap Caviar

What's the best new thing you've found streaming recently?

Banoffee's Look At Us Now Dad album

What's the best older show/movie you've picked up recently and loved?

The L Word

What's your favorite YouTube video that has less than 100,000 views?

What's your most watched movie of all time?

Mean Girls

What's a purchase you thought would change your life, but absolutely did not?

Blue light protector glasses, barely wear them

Is there an organization or cause you're supporting right now that deserves more attention? If so, what is it and how does one get involved?

Building Black Bed-Stuy (here is their fundraising page!)

You've got two hours to kill at home. What do you reach for?

My laptop and work on this book proposal

What's been your most played song during quarantine, and why?

Kate Bush's "Breathing" it's a constant reminder to breathe during all this chaos

What's your favorite TikTok you've seen during quarantine?

Idk why this is hilarious to me:


i told him the audio was super sweet and cute

♬ original sound - mar

What's been your best quarantine purchase?

Eye bag strips

What's the best thing you've read during quarantine?

All About Love by bell hooks

Have you developed a new hobby during quarantine? If so, what is it?

Plants or (planting?) basically I've filled by space with 22 plants so far

Are you working out at home? What's your go-to home quarantine workout strategy?

I bike ride everywhere I go as a means of working out and avoiding public transport

What's the item of clothing (besides Jambys, of course), you've worn most during quarantine?

Oversized T-shirts and female boxer shorts

What's your most-frequently made recipe?

Chicken Tikka Masala

What's the title of the Spotify playlist you're most ashamed of other people seeing you listen to?

Mint, an EDM playlist

What's the book you recommend over and over?

All About Love, I just feel anyone who has experienced love (so everyone) should read it

You can re-watch one show for the first time again fresh. What is it and why?

Little Fires Everywhere, it's been the best show I've watched in quar

What do you drink when you're at home most often? (Can be alcoholic, non-alcoholic, or even vessel-specific, if you drink water out of the same massive cup or something)

Smoothies, I've been using my Nutri-Bullet non stop

Where's the riskiest place you've taken your Jambys into the wild?

Does having a guy friend over, while having them on, count?

What's your average screen time during quarantine? What app have you used the most, and why?

6 hours a day, Twitter, it's where I get all my news and keep up with people

What's your favorite Reddit thread of all time?

Am I The Asshole?

What's your recommendation for someone who always re-watches the Office and wants to try something new?

Parks and Rec, similar vibes

What movie has aged the worst for you?

Braveheart, it was a classic for me but Mel Gibson is a mess

What's your personality in your main groupchat?

Non-existent, it's overwhelming

What did you think when you first heard about Jambys?

Perfect product for quarantine

What's your dream Jambys product?

Customized shorts that you can put text on

What's the high school English book you think is actually worth re-reading?

Lol I def only used Cliff Notes and didn't read a single thing

What's your dream Jambys color?

Bright purple

Add / answer your own question. What's something else you're thinking about or engaging with?

I might cut some bangs soon

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