Ask the JamFam: What's your go-to Spotify playlist?

Ask the JamFam: What's your go-to Spotify playlist?

Welcome to Ask the JamFam, where we ask expert culture writers, seasoned couch-sitters, and members of the JamFam the most pressing chilling-adjacent questions on our mind. Today, our writers are hitting you with their go-to Spotify playlists.

Vikram Murthi: I don't usually use the playlists on Spotify, but the "This is Drag City" one is pretty cool.

Brianna Holt: Rap Caviar

Alphonse Pierre: Most Necessary

Larry Fitzmaurice: The playlists that I make for myself

Dayna Evans: I'm not much of a playlist girl, on account of hating the algorithm.

Winston Cook-Wilson:

Corban Goble: Rap Caviar, Indigo or Pollen (if it's not too sleepy)

Joanna Rothkopf: Feelin' Myself... sexy music to do squats to

Otis Blum: Indie Pop 2010s

Hunter Harris: Don't ask me how I found this but: "RY RY'S TOOT TOOT BEEP BEEP PLAYLIST." It's a great collection of disco from Donna Summer, Cher, Diana Ross, Rick James, etc.

Paul Hinkes: I have a playlist I've built with a friend called "the Blue-Jean Committee" (a la the Documentary Now! episode). It's the perfect intersection of Yacht Rock and Soft Rock: a medium-low heat for a Saturday afternoon.

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asked our writers about which playlists they turn to when they need a boost. Here's how they responded:

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