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Chilluxe Jogger

The No-Jogging Jogger

Sizing is unisex. More info here.
Sizing is unisex. More info here.

"Right out of the package, they’re supersoft and somehow feel even better on. Seriously, I could wear them for days."

“These are the softest, stretchiest, comfiest boxer-style shorts you're likely to find anywhere.”

"I asked why boxers needed pockets. Then I wore a pair. Boxers need pockets. Buy your Jambys today."

“They’re literally the perfect lounge short. And they’re thick enough to wear around people or out to the mailbox. Add to cart.”

The No-Jog Jogger


How do I wash and care for my Jambys?

Care instructions: cold wash, dry on low heat. For bonus points, make sure the Jambys aren't inside out before placing in the laundry to avoid other garments catching on the French Terry loops inside.

Where are Jambys made?

Jambys are made in China and designed in Brooklyn.

Can I return my Jambys?

Your first of any product (Jambys, JamTee, Long Jambys, and masks) has a 77 day, no-questions-asked guarantee. It’s hard to convey just how soft and comfortable Jambys stuff is just by looking at them, and shopping online makes it hard to get the perfect size sometimes.

We wanted you to be able to try them risk-free. So go ahead. Spend 11 Sundays hanging out all day in ‘em. Spend 11 Mondays throwing them on after work. Spend 11 get the idea. If at any point you find your Jambys aren't for you, just use our returns portal (link here) and we'll get that sorted out for you right away.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to all 50 states, and our goal is to sell Jambys all over the world. If you're not in the states, email us ( so we know where to go next. And you'll be like, the first person in that country with Jambys.